Saturday, 12 May 2012

Well, it has been a while since Salute and I haven't posted anything. So here is my latest. On Thursday evening Andy and I tried out the new Tomahawks and Muskets rules that I acquired at Salute. We set up a simple table and used two forces of roughly 300 points. We got off to a shakey start but eventually things started to click and all was well. I thought I had taken more photos than this but these are all I have of the game.

Anyway, the game flowed very well and had a great feel to it. Basically, the game starts by creating a card deck by adding an officer card per side, unit cards and event cards. The deck is then shuffled and the first card is turned, indicating which unit type on which side is activated and how many actions those units may make. This continues until all the cards are used or the optional rule is applied, where a turn ends after the third event card has been drawn. I would advise anyone playing to use the optional rule. It adds a little more tension.

Each event card that s turned requires a roll on an event table. These range from a weather change to a duel or a Morale test. In order to fire at an enemy, a figure must be able to spot the enemy. This does not re;y on a dice roll,  but a chart which shows a number of distances arranged in columns for set circumstances.

Shooting is by dice roll and casualties force morale checks. When a side is reduced to half srength, a morale card is added to the deck. When this is drawn, all units for the relevant side must take a test.

A very good game, which I lost because of poor dice rolls. We are definitely going to play more of this, though it will be after Triples now, which is only next weekend. We (Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Club) are puttting on a Vietnam game and a Zombies game, both in 20mm. Should be fun! If anyone is going to Triples be sure to pop over and say hello! I'll be wearing my Tufty Club badge!


  1. Hi Big Al
    Just thought I'd mention that events are only rolled when the EVENT 1 card is turned over as the FIRST of the event cards. The other event cards are for when future or home made scenarios specify.

    Great set of rules :)

    1. Thanks for clarifying that, Rich. This was our first play and we did think that there were too many events. Do you mean the actual Event 1 card or the first event card? I will need to reread that section, really.

      I agree, they are a great set with lots of potential to expand the game.