Saturday, 12 May 2012

Two posts in one night! Making up for lost time. Really, it's to get me out of watching Britain's Got Talent. Well, I haven't noticed. I hate those kind of programmes, I really do, but my other half loves them.
Anyway, here are some photos of my Compagnes Franches de la Marine for my French Indian Wars games.
Up to now I have been using the excellent This Very Ground rules by Iron Ivan Games. I absolutely love their rules and these are fantastic. However, as mentioned in my earlier post, I could not resist splashing out on Tomahawks and Muskets by Studio Tomahawk, the same people who brought you Saga.  These aren't a bad set of rules either.

My figures are by Blue Moon Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Old Glory, and are very nice 15mm figures. Note the use of tufts!! This is just a sample of the overall force. There is a total of 30 figures and about 10 officers. I have some Indians to paint up, a couple of wagons and some Militia types, though these latter are by Peter Pig.

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