Monday 21 May 2012

More Triples 2012 Photos

Photos of some of the other great games at this years Triples

Barnsley Wargames Club WW2 Game

Ilkley Old School 40mm Chotusitz

One very big WW1 game from Like a stone wall

Huge! 25mm WWI Assault on Mons Salient 1914

Leeds Wargames Society 1/600 San Carlos Water

Glory Boys 1/300th Barrosa 1811

My old club Rotherham Wargames Society

Empire of the Dead

Game demo'd by my good friends the MDK Gamers

The game board incorporates 8 movie references.

The Gentleman's Wargames Parlour

AVBCW Raid on an Air Field

40mm Mexican/US war 1846 Down Mexico Way

Game by Penarth & District Wargamers.   

Lance & Longbow Society

28mm Grandson 1476 Burgundian wars

Sunday 20 May 2012

Sheffield Triples 2012

We (Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Club) win 3rd place in Best Participation Category! Thanks to everyone who voted! The game used the Force on Force rules. Some photos of our game now follow. The Kabul scenery was a second participation game that we ran using Ambush Alley's Ambush Z rules.

Special thanks to Toni for making the cakes which we all enjoyed, as well as the members of the public who took part.

Saturday 12 May 2012

Two posts in one night! Making up for lost time. Really, it's to get me out of watching Britain's Got Talent. Well, I haven't noticed. I hate those kind of programmes, I really do, but my other half loves them.
Anyway, here are some photos of my Compagnes Franches de la Marine for my French Indian Wars games.
Up to now I have been using the excellent This Very Ground rules by Iron Ivan Games. I absolutely love their rules and these are fantastic. However, as mentioned in my earlier post, I could not resist splashing out on Tomahawks and Muskets by Studio Tomahawk, the same people who brought you Saga.  These aren't a bad set of rules either.

My figures are by Blue Moon Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Old Glory, and are very nice 15mm figures. Note the use of tufts!! This is just a sample of the overall force. There is a total of 30 figures and about 10 officers. I have some Indians to paint up, a couple of wagons and some Militia types, though these latter are by Peter Pig.